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Welcome to Houston Ki-Aikido.

We are a non-profit school in Sugar Land, Texas (Southwest Houston) dedicated to exploring the principles of coordinating mind and body in daily life through the practice of Aikido.

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    Bamboo Cutting

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  • Demo at the Houston Japan Festival

    Demo at the Houston Japan Festival

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  • Houston Ki Aikido

    Houston Ki Aikido

Houston Ki-Aikido

Come join us at the Safety America Martial Arts Center featuring an air-conditioned facility with plenty of tatami mat space. We offer three classes a week: Tuesday and Thursday evenings; and Saturday mornings.

Call us at (281) 980 – 3030, email us at houstonkiaikido@yahoo.com, or drop by during our class times for information on how to get started.

New students are welcome to join at any time.

Latest Media

Welcome to Ki-Aikido, from Shinshin Toitsu / Ki Society HQ.
(Although the video is in Japanese, you can enable auto-translations by selecting Settings -> Subtitles -> Japanese (auto-generated) -> Subtitles -> Auto-translate -> Language)

An excellent presentation by David Shaner Sensei about becoming “un-stuck” by understanding mind-body unification through ki principles.

Houston Ki-Aikido students reflect on the many reasons they practice aikido.

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a non-violent, defense-oriented martial art in which the force of the attacker is redirected. The purpose of Aikido on a practical level is to remove the aggression from a situation and render the attack harmless without causing serious injury.

The word “ai-ki-do” in Japanese kanji allows many layers of meaning from the esoteric “Way of Spiritual Harmony” to the mundane “Method of Energy Coordination”. Aikido is a discipline for unifying mind and body in daily life…

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What is Ki?

Ki is an old Japanese word which does not translate easily into English. It is used in many common Japanese idiomatic phrases where it conveys a meaning of spirit, energy, power, or air. There is an old connection between spirit and breath (air) related to the Chinese word Chi (or Qi) and to the Hindu word Prana. This older meaning of Ki as being a term for the life force (breath) and natural power within us and within all things is how we use the term here…

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Let us have a universal spirit that loves and protects all creation and helps all things grow and develop.”
Koichi Tohei


I was really nervous when I first joined because I’d never done martial arts before, but everyone here has been so friendly and helpful. Classes are fun and challenging!”Current student

I’ve been a student at Houston Ki-Aikido for many years now and I still learn something new at every class. The instructors here are great, always innovating ways to teach.”Current student

My son spent a few years in their kids program. He loved it. They play a lot of games with the kids so it stays fun for them, but I also saw my son’s thoughtfulness and focus increase during his time in their program. A great school.”Parent of former student