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Aikido for Kids


Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art that develops kids’ self-discipline, self-confidence, and sportsmanship, in a safe, fun-filled energetic environment. Aikido’s philosophy is one based on conflict resolution and mind-body development which helps children focus and develop respect for others.

In children’s class, students learn the principles of mind and body coordination. This helps them direct their energy more positively and effectively, and gain self-confidence. By applying Aikido principles, children improve their performance in activities such as schoolwork, sports, music, and art. Among the many benefits, children will develop a positive attitude and learn to calm their minds. Children learn aikido in a cooperative environment with others and helps to develop good learning/listening skills, focus and concentration, and gain confidence in their abilities as they grow.

Students enjoy the movement, tumbling and rolling exercises taught in every class. They learn to enjoy cooperation and to have fun without competing. They develop greater trust in themselves and in others. It’s a fun combination of work and play.
Parental Involvement

We encourage parents/guardians to make as much of a commitment to the children’s programs as the instructors and children. Parental involvement can include participation in introductory lessons for adults and understanding the Ki principles which helps to reinforce our lessons in the child’s daily life.

There are several good articles on the internet which discuss the benefits of teaching Aikido to kids. A couple of these articles are linked below:

Let us have a universal spirit that loves and protects all creation and helps all things grow and develop.”Koichi Tohei


Our Aikido for Kids classes are held on Saturday mornings between September and May.

  • Our Fall Semester begins in September and runs through December.
  • Our Spring Semester begins in January and runs through May.

Class time is 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

Children must be between the ages of 7 and 13.

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