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We have a new website!

11 Aug

Or at least a redesigned one. Check it out: Home Let me know if you find any broken links or see anything that doesn’t appear to work as expected. This also means that our members section has been revamped. What you need to know: 1) Your current logins no longer work. I’ll be sending emails to everyone individually with new login details. 2) To post a message onto our member blog, email the message to blog@houstonkiaikido.org using the email address registered with the website. The content of the email will get posted onto the members blog and will get emailed out to all active members. 3) To comment on a blog entry, you must log in to the members section of the website at http://www.houstonkiaikido.org/members/ I think that’s it… if I remember anything else I’ll send another message out. Bindi

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